When Bad Things Happen

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I have come to accept that when bad things happen, they have no meaning while they are happening. I believe it is my job to give them meaning, sometimes to make a decision to impose that meaning.

I want to stop asking the question, “Why did this happen?”. But rather I want to move toward the question, “Now that this has happened, what am I going to do about it?”
So now I know I want to make something good out of this terrible situation. I feel called to tell the story and find healing, but this can’t be the end, healing of myself, I feel that the story should be one of hope so that healing can extend outside of myself. 

So my story will be one of life, new birth, reconciliation, and not one of death and dispair; a place that is easily fallen into. That is why I need recovery people, so that when the burden is to much, you can help with the load.

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