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Recovered 389 Preview – Gratitude

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On Monday November 19, 2012 at 7:00 pm est, Mark, Joe, Spencer, and Russ will discuss the Recovery Topic of Gratitude.  During this season of Thanksgiving here in the U.S., we thought we’d take this opportunity to discuss the things, people, and events we are grateful for.

Please call into our voice mail system at 734-288-7510 and share what you are grateful for or ask a question regarding gratitude.  If you don’t want to use your voice, please comment on the blog or email us at feedback@recoveredcast.com and we will discuss it on Monday’s show.

Recovered 388 Show Notes – Dating in Recovery

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This week, three single guys talk about dating in recovery.  Mark talks with Joe, Aaron, and Chris about their experience, strength, and hope regarding dating in recovery.

Joe started by sharing that he was in relationship when he first came into the program.  Initially, the fact that Joe was sober helped their relationship. Unlike other women that Joe had dated before recovery, this woman didn’t drink much.  After about a year of being sober, they decided to part ways.  One of the reasons was that the fellowship took a lot of Joe’s attention.

Aaron came into the fellowship “single” and was terrified of the thought of dating in sobriety.  The main reason for this fear was that Aaron thought that everybody drank and he just didn’t want to be around drinking people early on.  After a little bit of time, Aaron realized that most people don’t drink like he used to.  The first person he dated was not in the fellowship and was a very light drinker.  Aaron didn’t think it to be appropriate or “ethical”  to date new people in the fellowship.

When Chris came into the program, Chris was married.  Initially, the program helped his marriage and she was supportive of his involvement in the fellowship.  However, Chris did stay at home with the kids for functions that included drinking when they would have gone as a couple.

Joe along with Aaron shared their reservations of dating people inside the fellowship; mainly because of their observations that it doesn’t work very well.  Joe shared about fear of dating someone who may relapse during the relationship. The panel also shared about the suggested “no relationships for a year” rule.

Alex and Russ called in.
Helen contributed with an email.

Recovered 388 – Dating in Recovery

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Our Recovery Topic is Dating in Recovery

what was it like?
what is it like now?
what is your experience?
what are some of the challenges?

Video Clips include:

Dating and Drinking

Dating Independent Woman

How to Prevent Addictions for Youth – Jane Velez Mitchell on the Fix

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Recovered 388 Preview

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This week, Joe, Aaron, and Chris will discuss dating while in recovery.  They will discuss what their initial thoughts and fears were when they first came into the program and they will discuss what it is like now.  We will also discuss dating inside and outside the fellowship and the pluses and minuses of both options.

Please call into our voice mail system at 734-288-7510 and ask a question regarding dating in recovery.  If you don’t want to use your voice, please a comment on the blog or email us at feedback@recoveredcast.com and we will discuss it on Thursday’s show.

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Recovered 387 – First Time in Recovery

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Our Recovery Topic is Doing This for the First Time in Recovery

The first New Year’s Eve Party
The First Christmas
The first Wedding
The first funeral

What was it like
What were the triggers
We will talk about it.

Tips for the Holidays
Tip #1: Be sure to get enough rest.
Tip #2: Be selective about what invitations you accept.
Tip #3: What’s in your glass only matters to you.
Tip #4: Have back-up plans ready.
Tip #5: Go late and leave early
Tip #6: Spend your time with fellow 12-step members.
Tip #7: Give thanks for your sober days.
ip #8: If you feel you might stumble, call your sponsor.
Tip #9: Keep busy
Tip #10: Take time to enrich your spirit.

Video Clips include:

Best Movie on Addiction?

Dr. Drew Rehab Trailer

baby Boomers More Likely to Suffer Alcohol Harm Than Young

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Recovered 386 – Best of Recovered In Memory Of Andrew S.

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Our Recovery Topic is in the Memory of my son Andrew Mark S.

Video Clips include:

World Health Organization’s Report on Alcohol Use

American Indians and Big Beer

What is Spice?

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Recovered 385 – Podcast Awards

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Our Recovery Topic is
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This is a solo episode, I’m all alone in the studio.

Today’s show is all about asking you to make a difference.
You can help carry this message of recovery hope to the world.
And you and do all of this in the comfort of your our home.
I will explain.

Daniel J. Lewis at the audacity to podcast .com
is the voice of authority on how to podcast.
His podcast is one show I never miss.  
As a matter of fact, I follow Daniel’s advice so closely that he is my virtual podcast coach.  
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Recovered 384 – Faith

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Our Recovery Topic is Faith

Tonight, we focus on the solution.
Tonight we talk about the spiritual part of the program.
Tonight, we talk about faith
Faith in yourself
Faith in the program
Faith in the fellowship
Faith in a higher power

Then we will discuss This Week in Recovery This segment we talk about news from the home group as well as news from the family room.

The, we turn our hearts and minds on over to
Alcohol and the Media –In this segment we share clips about what the media says about alcohol, alcoholics, and alcoholics anonymous

Video Clips include:

Use of Mood Altering Medicine for Addicts

12 Step Jokes

AA depicted Family Guy

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Recovered 383 – Best of Recovered

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While we enjoy a week off, sit back and listen to one of our previous episodes.

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