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Recovered 393 – Relationships

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Our Recovery Topic is Relationships, family, friends, and lovers

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Video Clips include:

How do you spend new years eve sober?

Birds Dead with Alcohol in Liver

Bill W. The Film

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Recovered 392 Show Notes – Willpower

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Mark, Joe and Russ discuss the Recovery Topic of Willpower. Joe shared that before he came into the program, he was in college taking a degree in philosophy. He studied both Teddy Roosevelt and Niche and their thoughts on Willpower. Joe also shared that in his up bringing, willpower was something expected of men.

 Russ shared that as a man in the sales profession, he attended many professional seminars which insisted on the positive aspects of willpower in the professional life. Many of these things being taught was counter to what he was taught in the program. Russ shared that since willpower didn’t work on his drinking problem, it was a great source of shame.

 Joe shared that his friends would put some social pressure on him to control himself by just having a couple of drinks when they went out. Joe said that he learned to leave events early and drink heavily after. Joe shared that as his disease progressed he could now see his powerlessness. He can remember drinking even when he didn’t want to drink. When Joe first came into the program he could recognize that he was unmanageable, but powerlessness was something that he had to work on to recognize it in his life.

Russ shared from the chapter in the Big Book, There is a Solution. The book tells us that when it comes to the first drink, we are powerless. But then we switched our view from the negative aspect to the positive aspect of willpower. Self-will is usually a negative when it comes to the program, but Russ shared that our problems are usually a result of misused willpower. Russ shared that his Higher Power is the source of power against the first drink. Russ shared that using willpower in the program is a positive use of willpower to do the things he may not want to do. Joe shared that willingness is critical in a program of recovery. Using willpower allows us to be willing to try something different. Working a program requires a willingness to do things we may not want to do and this is a positive use of willpower.

Russ shared from the 12 and 12 that the literature says we need all the willpower we have to do a 5th step. Mark shared that step 3 of the 12 and 12 says we need our will to conform with God’s will. This is the proper use of willpower according to the literature.

Recovered 392 – Willpower

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Our Recovery Topic is Willpower

Video Clips include:

Flight Trailer

Jane Velez Mitchell and Addiction Vaccines

The Little Red Book Review

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Holiday Party Etiquette

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Glad I don’t have to be like this anymore


24 Hour Podcast Announced

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I am planning to host a 24 hour long podcast starting on June 8 and ending on June 9, honoring my son late son Andrew’s birthday. As we prepare for the 24hr Podcast, I hope you will make plans to attend and/or participate with the show. Since our Podcast is educational in the recovery field, the marathon podcast will also be an educational event, with “Dawn Farm” being the organization we will be raising money for this year. Andrew did much service work early in his own recovery at Dawn Farm.

Recovered 391 – News From The Recovered Community

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Podcast News – We have launched our new podcasting network
ams pn .com – The andy mark network
It is a showcase of recovery friendly podcasts
you can see the lineup of of shows at ams pn .com

Right now we have this show recovered as the flagship podcast for the network.

And we have just launched a new al-anon show called

the recovery show at

we plan to distribute podcast content on 1 Feb 2013

In the mean time, if you want to participate in the recovery show comunity, go on over to,
all the latest information will be provided

this is also a unique situation where you as a listener have the opportunity to shape the podcast
give us your feedback and suggestions, and we just may use your ideas.

24 hour podcast on June 8-9

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Recovered 391 – Willpower Playlist

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We Have Lift Off

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It is a busy time. We are proud to announce our new podcasting network, The AndyMark Podcasting Network. Find us at  The AndyMark Network was launched on November 24, 2012.  AndyMark is a podcasting network with a collection of high quality recovery podcasts in all areas of life. This way we practice these recovery principals in all our affairs.

 In addition, on December 1, 2012, we launched a brand new podcast called The Recovery Show. The Recovery Show will provide high quality recovery content to those who have been affected by someone else’s addiction. Find us at  We expect to begin content distribution by February 1, 2013

Recovered 390 – Complacency

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Our Recovery Topic is Complacency

Video Clips include:

Alcohol Effects on your Brain

Drug Testing at Workforce – Jane Velez Mitchell

Pot Legal in 17 states

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Recovered 390 Preview – Complacency

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Mark, Joe, Spencer, and Russ will discuss Complacency and the dangers in a Recovery Program.  What are some of the pit falls, what are some of the signs, and what are the solutions?

Please call into our voice mail system at 734-288-7510 and share or ask a question regarding gratitude.  If you don’t want to use your voice, please comment on the blog or email us at and we will discuss it on Monday’s show.