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Spiritual Growth

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On the wall next to the table I sit at my home group reads a sign “spiritual growth”. I have come to understand this last year since the death of my son to be a period of significant spiritual growth. Growth not in terms of expanding my understanding of my higher power, but rather, a simplification. My studies at seminary pushed me to understand more deeply my higher power. My “schooling” over the last year has been to strip my understanding to the bare necessity.

I am a hurt child reaching out to my parent for comfort and security. As long as I stay in this moment, I have relief. As soon as I worry about the stitches I may need or blame myself for getting jury in the first place, despair and anxiety return.  This present moment is all that is needed.

Hour 4 Of The 12 Hour Podcast

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In this the 4th hour of the 12 Hour Podcast, we heard an interview with Jason Schwartz, Clinical Director, or Dawn Farm.  Dawn Farm is a local recovery center in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area.  Jason tells us about his experience, strength, and hope in regads to this recovery center.
Jason tells us a little history of the facility along with a description of some of the programs offered at Dawn Farm.  Jason talks about some of the things that sets them apart from other treatment centers and discusses some of the philosophy behind the organization.  Russ, Spencer, and Mark offer their thoughts and comments as well.

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What Should Be Our Next recovery Topic?

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Our next regularly scheduled podcast is Tuesday July 9, 2013 at 6:30 EDT (-4 GMT)

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Influences – Recovered 419

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The Influence of others on us in the program

The good and the bad

Give us feedback and call 734-288-7510

Survey says…

Before you came in how did your friends influence you?

How did your family influence you?

Before, how did other people/organizations affect you such as church, the law, school, books, music, movies, tv?

Were you more of a leader or a follower?

When you first came in, same questions as above

Did you come in because of law, family, who influenced you to come into the program?

Were you a leader or follower?

How about now?

Are these different people? Why or why not?

Why do you stay in, what influences this?

Are you a leader or follower?

Russ Interview

Spencer Comments

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Who Influenced Your Recovery?

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Monday, we will be talking about positive and negative influences in recovery.  What were yours?

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Hour 3 of the 12 Hour Podcast – Recovered 418

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In the third hourof the 12 Hour Podcast, Mark is joined by his two sponsors, Russ and Spencer.  Russ and Spencer tell their stories along with Russ’ memory of Andrew, Mark’s late son.

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Third Step Prayer

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God, I offer myself to Thee- To build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Thy Power, Thy Love, and Thy Way of life. May I do Thy will always!

This prayer shows me how my higher power can remove my difficulties.  They are not magically removed in an instant, but rather they are removed through actions that can be seen.  Again, faith without works is dead is the AA mantra.  There is work to be done here.  But what is the motivation for removing difficulties, what is the pay off?  It is for the benefit of others, you see I’m trying to be freed from the bondage of self.

I am called to be a good example to give hope to others who face the difficulties too. I’m not sure I’m “all in” on this one.

Meeting Etiquette – Recovered 417

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The dos and don’ts of attending a 12 step fellowship

This is actually round two for this topic

the first time with aaron and spencer

this episode resulted in the most listener feedback we have ever received.

Here at recovered, we don’t have etiquette rules, but we may have suggestions.

We may have disagreements between ourselves

We will find out

tony from connecticut

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Interesting that tony picks up with meeting etiquette as a way to be polite to others


first at call from spencer

Ok, I turning to you first, what are some of your pet peeves


arrive time

departure time

leaving a donation

eating all the cake

stealing candy/pop

creating a bio hazard in the restroom

candle wax

dirty dishes after eating cake



personal hygiene

long shares

drunk a log

romancing the drug/drink



taking others inventory during share

going to a meeting sick

camara at meeting

Bringing pets

Bringing kids


decorum in other’s buildings

Double share

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Take Our Survey – What Step Was Most Difficult?

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Why Believe in a Higher Power?

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So it seems that my higher power does not will tragedy, nor does he ordinarily step in to miraculously stop tragedy. So then, why believe?

I’ve come to understand that God inspires other people to walk with those who are on a tragic path. To save them from the dangers of being judged, abandoned, feeling alone, etc. the famous saying, “human beings are God’s language” seems true to me today.
The longer I travel on the spiritual journey called life, I find myself taking comfort in very traditional understandings of the spiritual life. I guess that’s not so surprising, since they’ve traveled this road before.