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The 12-step recovery programs include service as a major component. Members are expected to take on responsibilities in the group and to help newer members travel their own path to recovery. The reasons why this would be important are numerous. To begin with, helping other people tends to take the attention off of yourself, something that can be of enormous benefit for a recovering addict. When you assist the other person in making progress and receive gratitude for your efforts, this reward can give you an enormous boost in your own happiness and sense of well-being.

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As you progress through your own recovery, it is easy to lose sight of how far you have come and even to become critical of yourself when you feel cravings. By working to help another person who is headed down the same road as you are, you get to look back and see where you started.

We will start with you Clyde,
Where do you want to start on this topic, helping others?

When you were new, did others help you?
Did you wonder why they did that?

Who was the first person your helped on purpose?
What happened?
What did you learn?
How did that help your recovery?

Have you ever used this principle of the program for someone outside the fellowship?
What happened?
How did that help your recovery?

Why does helping others help you?
How does it strengthen your program?
How does it affect your fellowship?
How does it affect your relationship with your higher power?

Why is this such a spiritual principle?

Are you ever resistant to helping?
What is the character defect that is in effect when this happens?
How do you get over it?

What part of the program helps?
Service work

What would you say to the new guy who about Helping Others?

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