Bad Guys in AA – Recovered 411

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Here is Chris Motl – is – ant – ti from the TV program the sopranos at his AA meeting

Chris is a lieutenant in the mob, Chris is Tony Soprano’s right hand man and is still very active in his criminal life

We all know about the sexual predator in AA.   The guy who might be taking advantage of the most vulnerable.

Joe, your Initial thoughts?, how to spot how to avoid

What about the criminal?  Still stealing and cheating.

What about the thug, the guy who can’t give up violence?

What about lures, white collar criminals, bigots, homophobes, etc?

When you encounter this type, how do you react?  How do you protect yourself?  What advice would you give?

What about the guy who had a criminal past, but wants to give it up?  Do you treat this person different?

What has been your experience with this type?

Hat are red flags for the new guy?

What are common sense recommendations to stay safe?

What can we do to keep group safe?

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