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This seems to be one of the trickiest part of recovery, those relationships that are the closest

We learn all kinds of new things like



we need to practice these principles in all our affairs especially close ones

When you first came into the program, were you in a relationship?

How did sobriety effect that relationship?

what were your thoughts first coming in

what are your thoughts now





Bill – New Jersey

dating inside the program…pluses minus

dating outside the program…pluses and minus

some tips for the new guy

one year rule

my experience is that sobriety changes relationships.

with my wife, how to have fun, regaining trust,

with my sons

with Andrew, improved immediately, we had something common

with Steven, not so much.  just last night he told me that he has never seen me drunk and he really didn’t experience the effects of alcoholism until I got sober, because I was miserable for a year.


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