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The first meeting I ever attended is clear in my memory.  For some people, it may not be so memorable, those early days can be really fuzzy.  
But tonight, we are going to talk about our experience, strength, and hope regarding our first meeting.  

We know from the feedback that we receive,

many of our listeners have not yet mustered up the courage to go to their first meeting.
The intent of this episode is to demonstrate that going to your first meeting doesn’t have to be scary, but rather,
your first meeting can be an opportunity to let go of the shitty life you are living.

But let’s go back, back before program and talk about what our understanding of AA was before we came into the rooms of alcoholics anonymous.
Before you came into the fellowship, what was your understanding of recovery?

What did you image meetings to be like?
How did TV and Movies shape your understanding?
What movies or TV programs?
How were they similar to reality?
How were they different?

How did you learn about this first meeting you went to?

Where was it?
Did you go alone?

Where was the first meeting you went to alone?

Was it a different experience going alone?
What did the meeting look like, describe your first meeting?
  • time
  • place
  • number of people there
  • describe the people there
  • describe your feelings
  • what were your expectations
  • what was reality
  • topic
  • leader
  • phone numbers
  • new members package
  • did you say your were new
  • did you say you were an alcoholic
  • what prayers
  • did it seem religious
  • was it glum or did it seem they were having fun
  • money basket, did it bother you
  • do you remember anything about any of the readings
  • did you know the 12 steps before
  • any step strike you
  • describe the feelings throughout the evening (scared, embarrassed, safe, loved, odd)
  • coffee, smoking, language, laughter

What would you say to the new person who has not yet gone to a meeting?
Justin from LA

Lynn From Wisconsin

Moira from Maine

Teresa From San Francisco

Matt From Connecticut

Shanni from Long Island

Alex from Austin

Final Thoughts?

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