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My escape plan may never be needed

but if I don’t have one,

and suddenly things go bad,

and I’m so uncomfortable in my own skin

and I get so stressed that a drink seems like a good idea,

then I’ll wish I had made one while I had the time to plan.

Instead of trying to figure it out in a crisis

We can Make an escape plan

just in case we get caught in an uncomfortable situation

around others who are drinking or using.

But let’s talk about our escape plans.

What does your escape plan look like?

What is the first thing in an escape plan?  Know when you are in danger or when you will be in danger.

What does a dangerous situation look like to you?

Do you have an example of when you used an exit plan?

Do you have ab example of when you wish you had a plan?

Should you Take your own car?

What if you are with someone?

What if you are alone?

How do you notify your supports?

How does your higher power come into play in this situation?

Do you put your sponsor on notice?

Do you look into where meetings are?

How about leave and do service work?

Do you take recovery tools with you, like a big book?

What other tools do you use?

Have you ever used an escape plan?

What happened?

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Some other tips to stay safe during this holiday season

Tips to Stay Sober During the Holidays, let’s talk about each of them

  • Plan Your Days. Let your sponsor or friend in recovery know where you will be, and have their phone number with you in case you need encouragement.
  • Be Specific When Offered a Drink. Instead of awkwardly telling the person that you’re a recovering alcoholic, just say “Sure, a Coke/Sprite/water with lemon would be great.”
  • Outsmart the Disease. Stay connected to sober people, places, and things. Don’t go to places serving alcohol if you don’t need to.
  • Take Extra Care of Yourself. Remember to slow down and take some quiet time for yourself during this busy time of year.
  • Don’t Overindulge. Go easy on the holiday sweets, exercise regularly, and don’t try to do too much.
  • Find New Ways to Celebrate Create some new symbols and rituals that will help redefine a joyful holiday season. You might host a holiday gathering for special recovering friends and/or attend celebrations of your 12 Step group.

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