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Today I am joined with Michael Weinberger

A Plan For Living

Michael is a husband father entrepreneur

and Michael successfully navigates his busy life

with unparalleled optimism.

But, like many of our Recovered Podcast listeners, Michael navigates life with plenty of obstacles and challenges

and that is the subject of this episode

Michael has battled Bipolar depression and an eating disorder.

Through Michael’s life experiences, he has developed some coping skills that he Would like to share with the Recovered Podcast audience.

Michael, welcome to the stdio, welcome to the Recovered podcast

Do you participate in any 12-step recovery program?

Michael please, let our listeners hear some of your story

Where did you get the idea of the website apalnforliving.com?

What are your goals for aplanforliving.com?

Why did you laumch aplanforliving.com?

What are some of the features of the site?

What is The Happiness Formula?

What is Mindfulness?

Tell us some website tools to assist in developing these skills?

Who is the targeted audience?

What do you hope that users will get out of using your website?

Does it cost?

What other sites do you use/like?

Why is aplanforliving.com important?

What are some misconceptions of mental illness?

What are some misconceptions of eating disorders?

How do you use the 12-step plan of recovery?

What is the number one reason why people with mental illness don’t get help?

What is the number 1 reason why people with eating disorders don’t get help?

What would you say to someone who is battling depression and doesn’t know what to do?

What would you say to someone who is eating disorders and doesn’t know what to do?

Check out this episode!

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