Recovered 385 – Podcast Awards

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Our Recovery Topic is
Voting for the Recovered Podcast in the for Best Health and Fitness Category at

This is a solo episode, I’m all alone in the studio.

Today’s show is all about asking you to make a difference.
You can help carry this message of recovery hope to the world.
And you and do all of this in the comfort of your our home.
I will explain.

Daniel J. Lewis at the audacity to podcast .com
is the voice of authority on how to podcast.
His podcast is one show I never miss.  
As a matter of fact, I follow Daniel’s advice so closely that he is my virtual podcast coach.  
Over the course of the last year, I have listened to all of his episodes and his advice has advanced this Recovered podcast in quality and content.  
His podcasts have helped us especially in improving audio quality and the quality of our website at

And Daniel J.Lewis has endorsed our podcast as Best Podcast in the Health and Fitness category for the Annual Podcast Awards Celebration.  I am so honored.

The 8th Annual Podcast Awards Ceremony will be Held at New Media Expo in Las Vegas on Jan 7th, 2013!  This Ceremony recognizes outstanding podcasts in various categories.

Over 5,000 podcasts were nominated for the 8th annual Podcast Awards. Only 220 made it in for final voting.  And we are one of the 220 podcasts that made because of your hard work in nominating this podcast.  thank you so much.

Please vote our podcast in the Podcast Awards at
I’m honored that you worked  so hard to nominate our podcasts,

I have compiled a list of podcasts that I am going to vote for every day during the course of the election period of November 1 through November 15 at  

Please vote for these every day, November 1–15.  

  • Comedy: the Ramen Noodle,
  • Entertainment: ONCE podcast,
  • Technology: The Audacity to Podcast,

So, please vote for us everyday from November 1 through November 15 in the health and fitness category at

Check out this episode!

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