Recovered 387 – First Time in Recovery

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Our Recovery Topic is Doing This for the First Time in Recovery

The first New Year’s Eve Party
The First Christmas
The first Wedding
The first funeral

What was it like
What were the triggers
We will talk about it.

Tips for the Holidays
Tip #1: Be sure to get enough rest.
Tip #2: Be selective about what invitations you accept.
Tip #3: What’s in your glass only matters to you.
Tip #4: Have back-up plans ready.
Tip #5: Go late and leave early
Tip #6: Spend your time with fellow 12-step members.
Tip #7: Give thanks for your sober days.
ip #8: If you feel you might stumble, call your sponsor.
Tip #9: Keep busy
Tip #10: Take time to enrich your spirit.

Video Clips include:

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Dr. Drew Rehab Trailer

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