Socializing in Your Recovery Program – Recovered 612

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Being social again is something I had to learn

For me, it was awkward.

Now I don’t even think about it

But let’s go you first Matt

before program, what did you like to do, how did you socialize

What did you like to do before program?

Who did you socialize with?

What was the first Recovery social event you attended?

Describe the event, the place it was held, how did you feel, who did you go with?

In early recovery, how did you socialize?

Did you hang out with using friends?

Do you do AA social events?

Which ones?

How did you feel as new person?

We have calls

Alex from Austin


How about now, how do you socialize?

With who?

With friends that drink?

Do you organize anything?

What is that like?

How do you get new people involved?

What other things do you like to do?






What would you say to the new person about socializing in recovery

Final Thoughts?

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