Step 2 – Recovered 666

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Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity

The second step is about hope, a Higher Power, and dealing with reality.

This step logically follows step 1 in which we surrendered and gave up.

With surrender comes all kinds of unmedicated feelings.

We have to face

Feelings we haven’t dealt with in years or maybe ever.

We likely will have to confront uncomfortable emotions like

our fear, anger, hopelessness.

For us with chemical dependency,

we have to face these things without alcohol and drugs.

For us with codependency,

we have to face these emotions without blame, shame, and self harm

If all of us in this room are powerless,

how can we solve these problems?

How can we cope?

That is why we need step 2, we need a power greater than ourselves.

Let’s go to you first Kayla.

Welcome back to the studios

where have you been?

What is your sobriety date?

where is you home group?

who is your sponsor?

What are your initial thoughts?

Where do you want to begin?

What does the phrase “Power greater than ourselves” mean to you?

What does the term sanity in this step mean to you?

Why does the step say that a Power greater than ourselves

could restore us to sanity rather than

would restore us to sanity?

On the Power greater than yourself issue, where did you start in your belief?

Has your belief system changed?


What is willingness and how does that work in this step?

Have you ever had to be willing to be willing to make a start?

Addiction is a disease of loneliness, how does this fellowship help?

How has the fellowship helped you?

We have calls

first call







How is sanity and reality related?

Tell us about your step 2 story?

What would you say to the new person about step 2?

Check out this episode!

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