Why Do We Stay in Recovery – Recovered 631

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There is more to recovery than just not drinking.

In recovery we learn to live.

In recovery we learn to cope

In recovery, we learn to celebrate.

In recovery, we learn to love

Even learn to love ourselves

Before coming in program what did you think you would get out of recovery?

Before program:

did you ever want to stop drinking?

did you ever want to be sober?

did you ever want recovery?

Are these three different?

For the normal drinker, what are some of the benefits to drinking?

Did you ever experience these benefits in your drinking career?

What was it like at the end, were you able to get any benefits from drinking?

When did you want to stop drinking?

How did you try to stop drinking?

What happened?

What did you think AA offered before you came in?

What did AA actually offer?








What is the difference between not drinking and recovery?

Why do you stay?

Final Thoughts?

Check out this episode!

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