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the dictionary says that worry is a state of anxiety and uncertainty

over actual or potential problems.

Worry refers to the thoughts, images and emotions

of a negative nature

in which mental attempts are made[vague]

to avoid anticipated potential threats.[1]

We commonly worry about personal issues

such as health or finances,

or broader issues such as environmental pollution and social or technological change.

Most people experience short-lived periods of worry in their lives without incident;

indeed, a moderate amount of worrying may even have positive effects,

if it prompts people to take precautions

But we are alcoholics, so I suspect our story will include the lack of said precautions

So let’s go to you first ??, and let’s talk about worry before program and what that looked like to you.

Before program, what was your most common worry?  How did you cope?

Can worry be bad?

Can worry be good?

What is the opposite of worry?

How do you deal with worry in recovery?

  • cut back on stimulation

  • change thoughts

  • distraction

  • self care

  • steps

  • prayers

  • fellowship

What do you do about a worry that is likely to occur?

At what point does worry move from healthy alertness to something unhealthy?

How is worry sobriety threatening?

p. 86 of Big Book

How does the fellowship help with worry?

p. 152 of Big Book

What step can help with worry?

p. 88 of Big Book

What is emotional insecurity?

p. 52 of 12 and 12

What prayer do you use when faced with worry?

What character defect is under worry?

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Bronte –


Bill K






What is your most common worry in recovery?

Do you worry about your sponsses?

Do you worry about your home group?

Do you worry about your relationship with your higher power?

Final Thoughts?

Check out this episode!

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