Aaron K – Recovered 473

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Tonight, we get a chance to say goodbye to Aaron.  Aaron has accepted a position with a company in a state far far away.

Aaron, what’s going on, where are you off to?

Have you been there before?


When do you move?

Your initial thoughts about moving?

Do you know anybody there?

What about recovery?  Have you looked into meetings?


Well let’s hear a little about your story…

-for how long have you been sober?

Who’s your sponsor?

Where is your home group?

-what is your drug of choice

-when did you start using drugs and/or alcohol

-for how long did you use before it became clear it was a problem

-for how long did you use after realizing it was a problem

-what is your support system? (AA meetings, therapist, psychiatrist, outpatient / in patient rehab, etc)

-have you ever been hospitalized, institutionalized, or put in jail because of drug related events

-have you ever been in outpatient or inpatient rehab? if so how many times and for how long?

-what are triggers that make you want to get high


Tell us about recovery, where was your first meeting?

When did you start working the steps?

What about God in recovery?

Tell us about will power

What was your experience of steps 4 and 5

How did you work steps 6 and 7

Tells us about amends and how did that affect your recovery.

How do you work steps 10 through 12, how do you maintain your program?


How are you going to take recovery to Arizona?

What are your concerns relative to recovery?

What will be the red flags for you that indicate recovery is in danger?

What do you look forward to?

When can we visit?


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