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What is ambition?

Is ambition good or bad?

How can you tell/judge?

What is the opposite of ambition?

Is ambition a form of greed?

Before program, did you have ambitions?

What were they?

Did your disease affect what you were ambitious for?

How did your addiction affect your ambitions?

In early recovery, what were you ambitious for?

How did the program help or hinder?

Did your ambitions change with experience in recovery?

What are your ambitions with sponsees?

What are your ambitions with your higher power?

What are your ambitions with the fellowship?

What are your ambitions in life?

What are your ambitions at work?

How does the program affect your ambitions?

How does prayer form your ambitions?

How does a sponsor affect your ambitions?

What would you say to the new person about ambitions?


Jesse from Massachusetts

Tom from Michigan

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