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Asking for help is fundamental to the program.  .  No one is going to force recovery on you, you need to ask.

We don’t know what you need, you need to figure that out and ask.
But start before the disease, before the program, let’s go way back and see what our experience was like when we were young.
When you were a kid, was it easy for you to ask for help? Like asking for help at school or help with homework?
What was it like before program, did you know you needed help?

Did you ask for help before you came in?
Did you ever ask for help as part of your share at a meeting?  What happened?

In your early recovery, what prevented you from asking for help?

Where you afraid what would happened if you asked for help?
In your early recovery, what kind of things do you ask for?

How do you figure out what you need help with?

Have you ever asked anyone for help working the steps?
Have you ever asked someone other than your sponsor for help on a step?

How do you find someone you can trust when asking for help?

What about therapy, have you tried this?

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Carl from California

How do you say thanks to the person who helped you?

Has anyone asked you for help?  Explain.
Have you asked a group for help?
Have you ever said no to someone asking for help?

What would you say to the new guy?

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