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The Long form of Tradition 4 is:

With respect to its own affairs, each A.A. group should be responsible to no other authority than its own conscience. But when its plans concern the welfare of neighboring groups also, those groups ought to be consulted. And no group, regional committee, or individual should ever take any action that might greatly affect A.A. as a whole without conferring with the trustees of the General Service Board. On such issues our common welfare is paramount.

What is Autonomy?

What is a group conscience?

is it just a meeting or something more?

What is an example of a decision that may affect the group but not others?

How to handle money

Name of group

When and where to meet

Officers and how assigned

What is an example of an action that would affect an other group?

Naming the group the same as another

How do you consult another group?  Have you ever seen this?

When PC Alano club was forming

How does Tradition 4 effect your own personal sobriety?

How does it practically affect your own home group right now?

What decisions have you group made that may be outside of the Traditions as a whole but was allowed under this tradition?

What are the consequences of allowing groups to break traditions?

They fail

What are the consequences of trying to enforce traditions?

It doesn’t work


If groups are allowed to make mistakes, break tradition, how is AA still around?

“each group can manage its affairs exactly as it pleases, except when AA as a whole is threatened”.  Is this dangerous and/or foolish?  Why?

Why would there be danger in labeling your group “Communist” or “Catholic” or “Protestant” if that’s what the people in the group believe and share?

Have you ever been part of an AA group that exercised its right to be wrong?  And what did that look like?

How does Tradition 4 affect the new guy?

What are thoughts on groups like Celebrate Recovery??


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