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Let’s kick off this episode with the basic question on chairing meetings.

Chris, What does a meeting chairperson do?

What is the most important thing a chair person does?  Shows up on time

What requirements are there to be a chairperson?


Is service work found in the big book or in the 12 and 12?

Why do we do service work?

How does service work affect you?

Talk about the spiritual component of service work.

What changes have you noticed in yourself as a result of service work?


Want to take some phone calls?

Can service work be done wrong?

Talk about motives relative to service work.

Is sponsoring someone servies work.

Is being a sponsee service work?

Is sharing at meetings service work?

Can not-sharing at a meeting be service work?


What has been you experience being a chairperson

Funniest moment

Scariest moment

Weirdest moment


Other service work available

AA vs alanon, is there a difference?

think outside the box, say anonymous donations, web site master, writing letters to editors

Role of the sponsor in service work


Can you do service work outside a meeting?


Can you do service work outside AA say at your school or work

Can you do service work for non AAs, does that count?


Check out this episode!

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