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Some common statements made by alcoholics who deny their disease include: “I could quit anytime I wanted to.” “I’d quit using if people would quit ragging on me.” “If you were in my situation, you’d drink, too.” 

What was your own experience, what did your denial look like?

Have you ever experienced such behavior?

Typically, the more severe the addiction, the stronger the denial. 

What about your experience?

Why do you think this to be true?

“If a person doesn’t recognize that his or her behavior is creating problems, then he or she wouldn’t see the need to change or seek assistance,”

Your thoughts?

“They are also likely to react negatively to people who believe they have a problem.”

Have you acted like this?  Have you observed this?


Alex P.



Let’s talk about barriers to overcoming denial.

Feeding denial is the stigma and shame associated with alcoholism. Unfortunately, much of society still perceives alcoholism as a moral failure.

There are many barriers to overcoming denial. In some cases, the alcoholics behavior may be similar to his or her peers — it’s hard for them to understand that anything is wrong. 

Your experience?

Final Thoughts

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