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Go to enough meetings, and you are likely to see someone you didn’t know was in AA.

Stay in the program long enough and you may have the distinction of being at a meeting with your kid.

Being at a meeting with your parent will probably affect your share.

What are you initial thoughts on this topic of relationships in AA?

Before you went to your first meeting but after you had decided that you were going to go Alcoholics Anonymous, did you ever worry that you would see someone that you would know at your first meeting?

Did someone take you to your first meeting?

Was that awkward or comforting?

Have you ever been to a meeting with a desire to share about a resentment with someone, but that someone was at the meeting?

What is your experience?

If you have not had this experience, how do you think you would handle it?

If you have had this happen, what was your experience?

If you were to face that situation again, what would you do different?

What would you do the same?

Have you ever seen someone you know socially at an AA meeting, but did not know they were in AA?

What was your experience?

What would you do different?

What would you do that same?

What advice would you give to the new guy?

Have you been to a meeting with a close relative?

What was that like the first time?

Have you been to al-anon?

Have you ever felt awkward being an alcoholic at an al-anon meeting?

Do you have relationships with people in a 12 step fellowship other than your own?

Do you talk program with these people?

Even though you don’t share the same addiction, is there a connection?

What is your experience?

Do you know anyone who goes to Al Anon because of you?

Have you ever been to an Al-Anon meeting with them?

Have you ever had someone approach you and say, “I saw you at a meeting…”

What was that experience like?

How did you react?

What is the closest relative that has attended your open talk?

What was that like?

Is there anyone you would feel awkward to have attend your open talk?

Why or why not?

Talk to the new guy who would like to go to their first AA meeting but is afraid that someone he knows will recognize him.

Talk to the person who feels shame about going to the meeting and being found out.


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