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This topic was put forth to us from listener Bronte.

Bronte writes

I would really like to hear people Share about their own personal evidence of a higher power acting in their lives.


Bronte writes that she would like to hear what their evidence is today, 

Bronte would like to hear stories, testimonies, your experiences.


Bronte writes, 

It’s good to notice the beauty and grace in our Recovery even when things may seem insurmountable or when we are questioning whether our Higher Power exists.

I think the topic could reinforce people’s hope.

Thanks, just a thought.


Awesome thought Bronte.


So, let’s start with a discussion on Step 2

Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity


Did you come into the program with a belief in a higher power?

How did your understanding of a higher power change change when you came into the fellowship?

What evidence do you have that your higher power is active in your life?


How has your attitude influenced your relationship with a higher power?

What specific things do you do to be in touch with your higher power?


we have calls



How has your experiences affected the way you live?

To those who are having a difficult time believing, what would you say?

How do tragedies in your life affect your relationship with your higher power?

How does your higher power keep you sober?

How does your higher power help you in your everyday life?

How does your higher power help you when bad shit happens?

How does your higher power help you when good shit happens?

How does your higher power give you hope?

What would you say to the newcomer who is confused how a higher power helps.


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