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Tonight, our

Recovery Topic is


Like I said at the top of the program

As alcoholics, 

we spent a lifetime trying to escape, minimizing fault, and then feeling bad about ourselves.

Before the program, did you make excuses for your drinking?

Did it work?

What were the consequences?

Why did you feel the need to make excuses for drinking alcohol?

Was it to justify behavior?

Did you do it to minimize guilt?

To try to convince people that you were not so bad?

Did it work?

What were the consequences?

Why do we make excuses?

Did you make excuses why AA wouldn’t work?

How does/making excuses endanger you progrm?

Did you make excuses not to take a step?  Which one?

Did it work?

What were the consequences?

What tools do you use when confronted with the temptation to make an excuse?

What slogan?

What prayer?

What step?

How is Procrastination an excuse?

What are the consequences?

How is Lying an excuse?

What are the consequences?

We have calls.  on lap top

How does character defects contribute to making excuses?


self centered


Is excuse making habitual?

How do we break this pattern of behavior?

What is the payoff of being honest?

What would you say to the newcomer about excuse making?

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