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There are two benefits from recovery: we have short-term gains and long-term gains.

The short-term gains are the things we can do today that help us feel better immediately.  Long Term gains may be a bit more spiritual

Let’s talk about the short term gifts

1.  feel better

2.  Can wake up in the morning

3.  Don’t have to lie

4.  We can remember the night before

5.  Shame is lifted

6.  We can watch ourselves grow beautiful as we shed shame, guilt, resentments, self-hatred, and other negative buildups from our past.



David from atlanta  – Grateful







Tony From Connecticut


Long Term Gifts

1.  faith

2. Family

3.  Work

new freedom new happiness

will not regret

know peace

help others

self pity will disappear

fear will leave


4.  We can watch the quality of our relationships improve with family, friends, and spouses.

5.  We find ourselves growing steadily and gradually in our capacity to be intimate and close, to give and receive.

6.  We can watch ourselves grow in our careers, in our ability to be creative, powerful, productive people, using our gifts and talents in a way that feels good and benefits others.

7.  We discover the joy and beauty in ourselves, others, and life.

The long-term progress is steady, but sometimes slow, happening in increments and often with much forward and backward movement. Enough days at a time of practicing recovery behaviors and piling up short term gains leads to long-term rewards.

Today, I will be grateful for the immediate and long-term rewards of recovery. If I am new to recovery, I will have faith that I can achieve the long-term benefits. If I’ve been recovering for a while, I will pause to reflect, and be grateful for my overall progress.


Final Thoughts


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