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As we continue our study of the seven deadly sins, we come to greed?

To begin the show, let’s take a look at what our listeners thing greed is.

I asked our listeners at our website,

To what form of greed are you most vulnerable to?

some of our responses included

1. What do you define as greed?

2. Is there a line between survival instincts and greed, or are they the same? Why?

3. Can greed be a positive thing?

4. How does ambition differ from greed


How did greed influence you before the program?

How does your greed affect your recovery?

What about when you perceive greed in others, how do you react?


What part of your program (steps, prayers, slogans, meetings) helps you detect greed?

How does your program help you in tempering your greed?

How does your program help you deal with the greed of others?


our literature references


… greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth.   12&12 Step Four, p.48   

To avoidfalling into confusionover the names these defects should be called, let‘s take a universallyrecognizedlist of majorhumanfailings — the SevenDeadlySins of pride, greed, lust, anger, gluttony,envy, and sloth.

2…. greed masquerade as ambition?   12&12 Step Six, p.66   

Isn’t it true that we like to let greed masquerade as ambition?


3…. greed, possessiveness, and pride have too often …   12&12 Step Four, p.51   

In these areasfear, greed, possessiveness, and pride have too oftendone their worst.


Final Thoughts


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