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Jim welcome to the show…

So our listeners can get to know you a little better, Jim, tell us a little about yourself

How long have you been sober

Who’s your sponsor

what’s your home group


Jim what do you do for a living?


You are on the front lines of this epidemic we call addiction, we really look forward to your perspective tonight.


On this topic of the History of AA, you are fond of this topic, I believe that you give a talk on this topic.  How did you become interested in the history of AA, what sources do you rely on?


Jim, we sometimes ask our listeners to help us prepare for our shows by asking them a question beforehand.  This week, we asked our listeners who in AA history are they are most interested to learning more about.






What was it like before aa?

What were some of treatments?

What was the understanding of the alcoholic in the early 20th century?

How did people reach out to the alcoholic before AA, what help was available?

I’ve heard of the Washingtonians, tell us about this movement.

Ok, lets talk about the people that shaped AA, what about

Roland T

Carl Jung, has there been any scholarly recognition been made between Jung and AA?

The Oxford Group

Ebby Thatcher, Bill’s Sponsor right?

William James

Bill and Lois

Towns Hospital


Harry Tiebout

Ed Dowling

Bob and Anne

Sister Ignatia

Archie T


What about today, 100 years from now, who are the shapers of this movement?

What does the future look like?

What about treatment, how has this changed?

What about the new medicines, naltrexone, suboxone?
What are the things that threaten AA?


Final Thoughts







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