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In our program, it’s our responsibility to make plans.

We should just be careful not to plan the outcomes to specifically.

We can make a plan, just be careful that it doesn’t turn into an expectation.

An expectation is a premeditated resentment.

and resentments are dangerous for us alcoholics.

Our higher power may have a different idea of what the outcome will be.

My experience, I need to be flexible or else I will be miserable.

What were some of your past recovery plans that you tried?

discuss failures

discuss successes

What would make your recovery happier?

some ideas may include

more time for friends

a hobby

more service work

work all steps

work a specific step

more prayer

What specific actions will you take to keep you on track?

How do we move from an idea of change to actual change

calling sponsor on progress


talk about it at meetings


Some Goal Setting Tips

Be specific about personal recovery goals

Take small steps and ask for help along the way

Establishing a Routine


Reduce stress

Eat healthy food


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