Moment of Clarity – Recovered 476

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  • For addicts and alcoholics and al-anons, the moment of clarity experience is usually the catalyst that turns despair into hope and the helplessness of addiction and codependency into the promise of recovery.


What does the phrase moment of clarity mean to you?


  • Addiction is an illness that blends fact and fiction to the point that users often find themselves in hard shells of denial. The birth of recovery starts only when the truth breaks through that shield. Sometimes it happens instantaneously.


How were you lying to yourself about your condition?

Why did you lie about your condition?

How did this hurt you?

What was the result of this way of life?

How did the pain of a double life manifest itself?

Was it hard to keep your lies straight?


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Laura – Moment of Clarity




Tony – MEDIA PLAYER, download file


  • Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, it always takes a moment of clarity for codependents, addicts and alcoholics to understand the utter futility of their lives under the influence.


What was your moment of clarity?

How did it feel just before?

What did you do?

How did you feel?

What happened?


What steps are part of this process?

How does a higher power work during this moment of clarity?

What about a sponsor, what role did he/she have?

How about meetings, did you rely on a group at all to process?


Final Thoughts


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