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An open talk may have been the first meeting we ever went to.

Some have been in the program for some time and have never been to an open talk.

Some of our audience have never been to an AA meeting and don’t know what an open talk is.

Some of our audience may be al-anons and have not been to an open talk either.

Let’s share our experience, strength, and hope on this topic:

Open Talks.

Let’s start at the beginning

What is an open talk?

Who can go to an open talk?

Who should go to an open talk?

Why are open talks given?

Have you attended open talks?


What was your experience?

Are conference talks like an open talk?

How are they the same?

How are they different?

Have you ever heard an open talk from someone outside of AA? NA? CA? Al-Anon?

How were they different?

How were they the same?

At an open talk, you hear great stories, do you remember any?

Have you ever heard a bad open talk?

What makes a good open talk?

What makes a bad opn talk?



Have you ever given an open talk?

How do you prepare?

Do you write it out?

Do you bring anything with you?

Do you quote?

What was your experience?

Have you ever been responsible for inviting an open talk speaker?

What would be/was you criteria for selection?

What would you say to the new guy who has never been to an open talk?

Final Thoughts?


Check out this episode!

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