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This phrase comes from the Twelfth Tradition, ‘Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.’

 It is the principles of the program, not its personalities, that guide recovery and keep us sober. 

We rely on the Twelve Steps and their principles rather than on one individual or group of individuals. Individuals, regardless of how charismatic, are only human. Our ultimate reliance is on our Higher Power.

Before the program, what principles guided your life?

How did that work?

What was your spiritual foundation before the program?

What about personalities, did you have a persona you tried to maintain?

Did you have a reputation that you liked?

Did you have a reputation that you disliked?

Did you affect any body else’s reputation?

We asked our listeners what they thought the principles are.

When you came into the program, what did you first think of this slogan or tradition?

Today, What is Anonymity? My anonymity or some one elses?

How is this a spiritual concept?

What is an AA Principle?

Are some more important than others?  Why or why not?

What about some other principles of the program that we live by?

The principle of:

Giving rather than getting

Open mindedness







Final Thoughts


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