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Let’s take this opportunity to reflect with gratitude on Recovery Heroes past and present.

We talk about the founders of our program,

we could talk about someone who carried the message to us when we most needed it.

You all could reflect on the hard lessons learnt through the stories told by other recovering people.

Some Possibilities

Your first sponsor

Your current sponsor

A sponsee

An Open Talk Speaker

Some other trusted servant

First person you ever knew who was in AA and you looked up to them

Bill W. Ann S

Dr. Bob Ebby T Lois W. Archy T Clancy I Chief Blackhawk

Joe and Charlie Marty M Chuck C Rolland H Buzz A

Bill D Dr. Silkworth Carl Jung Jack Alexander

What is a hero?

Did you have heroes before program?

Who and why?

When you came into the program, who were some of the people you admired?

Is there anyone who you at first didn’t like, but with time you learned to respect?

When you first started to read the Big book, what did you think of some of the characters?

How did you learn about the history of the people and events in the book?

Who from recovery history do you admire?

What about today, who have you admired?

Alex – Austin

Cathy – Ga




Have you ever put someone on a pedestal, only to be disappointed?

How do we avoid this kind of let down?

What would you say to the new guy about this topic?

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