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Step 2 – Came to believe that a power greater than myself can restore me to sanity

Let’s try to avoid referencing the religions because that can really adversely influence how our listeners hear our story.

Many of us have our understanding of a higher power formed by the spiritual tradition we grew up with. 

Did you grow up in a family with a spiritual tradition?

Tell me some of the positive aspects of the religion you grew up with.

Tell me of the negative aspects of the religion you grew up with.

Describe what God or higher power meant to you just before you entered program.

Describe your higher power today.

Tell me about the difference or similarity.

Have you made a break with your family’s religion or have you stayed with it? 

Talk about why you have taken your particular course of action. 

Some people like nature, work, AA, police, parents, clergy can be a power greater than ourselves.  

Have you ever used this example to convince yourself that there must be a power greater than yourself?





Usually, we are attracted to a higher power because they possess attributes we desire.  Attributes such as love, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, etc., we want these things to be part of our recovering life.

Tell me about some of your best friends from childhood or adolescence. 

Tell me what you liked best about them and what they liked best about you? 

Do you think that these qualities have any relationship to a Higher Power? Explain. 

Have you ever encountered situations or people who have helped you to understand what a “Higher Power” or God is all about?

What does sanity to mean to you?

Before program, what did sanity mean to you?

How does a higher power and sanity relate in your life?

How does step 2 work in your life today?

Some say step 1 is the problem, step 2 is the solution.

How is Step 2 the solution to alcoholism?

Many of our listeners are new.  Many haven’t even gone to their first meeting.  many probably feel alienated from God, people, everyone.  Talk to this person.  What would you like to say to this person about Step 2, about a higher power, about sanity.

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