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Robin Williams

As we look into our past, we can see how we put alcohol before the people we love.

Did you ever put alcohol before a loved one?

Have you ever been with someone and not really be present?

How did you willingness to make alcohol your main objective in life shortchange others, 

at home, 

at work, 

in relationships and friendships? 

Who did I harm in this? 

We can see in steps 4 and 5 how our principles were compromised as our disease progressed.

How have you ever stolen, cheated, or lied to avoid the consequences of my addiction? 

And who was hurt by these actions? 

How did I cause injury or harm to others by my inappropriate reactions to life?

As we make our list, we start to remember others who may not be on our 4th step resentment list.How do I treat people who are anonymous to me, what was your experience

like clerks, 

wait staff, 

repair persons, 

hair dressers, etc. 

How do I treat children, especially my own (if there are such)? 

The elderly? 


Fat people? 

People of other races, religions, nationalities? What does this show about me, about my nature? Do I need to make change in my life in relationship to such people? 

How can I make amends to someone whom I don’t know, or who may not be around anymore? 

How do I make amends to a company, institution, or such like? 

How can I make amends to the two most harmed of all, the least and the greatest: myself and my Higher Power?

What do I have to do to become willing? 

What internal changes must come about in order for me to be willing? 

How do I know when I have truly become willing?

What amends are obviously straightforward? I broke, I’ll have it fixed. I stole it, I’ll pay for it or return it. I lied, I need to tell the truth. 

What amends will be difficult? How might I go about preparing myself for them? How does being willing include being prepared? How can I resolve the issues about possible consequences? 

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How have you hurt yourself by practicing your addiction?

What consequences do you fear in making amends? 

What is the worst thing that can happen? 

What is the best thing that can happen? 

What is likely to happen?

Do you feel angry or resentful towards any people on your amends list? 

Describe any dreams that relate to making amends to others.

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