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What is your surrender date, where is your home group, who is your sponsor?

Let’s begin with the crucial question.

How the hell do you spell A-Anon?

Before you came into the program, what did you understand Al-Anon to be?

What did you think an Al-Anon meeting would be like?

Why did you attend your first meeting?

Describe your first meeting.

What was the first thing that you learned in Al-Anon?

What was the first thing you read in al-anon?

Why did you go back?

What is an Al-Anon meeting like, how is it structured?

Who should go?

What are the requirements for membership?

What if the person is not sure if their loved one is actually an alcoholic, should they go even if their loved one just drinks to much once in a while?

What about people that are in AA, are they welcome  or do they just fuck it up?

For the experienced AA who goes to their first meeting, do you have any advice?  Should the AA talk about their AA experience in their Al-Anon meeting?  What about the pamphlet, This is Al-Anon?



Is Al-Anon a support group?

Can you ask questions at your first Al-Anon meeting?

Are there different types of meetings?

What is your favorite type, why?

What is your least favorite, why?

What about the higher power thing, how does this work in Al-Anon?

How long should someone stay in Al-Anon?

What if your loved one is a drug addict, is that a problem?

What was the major obstacle that prevented you from Al-Anon?

Do you use the steps?

Do you use the traditions?

What about sponsors, are they encouraged?

How has Al-Anon changed your life?

Our primary audience are alcoholics in recovery.   I think they all qualify, do you?

Talk to the person who has been affected by someone else’s drinking,

Talk to the person who is struggling to keep the secretes.

Talk to the person who has had it with making excuses.

Talk to the person who can’t stand to be with their alcoholic but can’t stand to be apart from their alcoholic, 

What would you say to this person?  Is there hope?


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