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Tonight, we are going to talk about women in recovery.  

We have women in the studio who are familiar with AA, NA, and Al-Anon as well.  

For those who are new, AA and NA are for people who have a desire to quit, and Al-Anon are for people who have been affected by someone else’s using.

But tonight, we want to explore the unique challenges for women in recovery,

whether you are an alcoholic or if you love one.  

We hope to discuss the barriers to recovery.  

We also plan to discuss the difference between the programs,

and we will probably discuss some similarities.

Hopefully, there will be surprises.

Ok Chrissy, let’s start with you.  Let’s start with you just before you came into the fellowship

Did you have any fears as a woman entering recovery?

Just before program, what were your relationships like with other women?

What about after program, has your attitude changed?  How?

What was it like as a women in early recovery?

and is it different for you now?

What is it like to be at a meeting with all women?

What are some discussion topics that are easier to talk about with all women?

What are some discussion topics that are difficult with all women?

What is it like to be at a meeting where you are the only women?

What are some discussion topics that are easier to talk about with men?

What are some discussion topics that are difficult with all men?

What are your opinions of single gender meetings?

Why is Al Anon predominantly women?

Why is AA predominantly men?

What are the barriers to women coming into program?

What steps, prayers, slogans are challenging to women?

What kind of expectations do women feel (from society, from family, etc) and how do we use the 12 steps and the program to navigate those expectations?

How is recovery from alcoholism and addiction different for women?

How do women in Al-Anon and women in AA relate to each other? (There’s a juicy topic!)

Are you mindful of how you dress to meetings (HOT TOPIC)?

What about giving out phone numbers?

What about sponsorship? Do you have a women sponsor and what about a women having a man sponsor or vice versa?

Bronte from Paris










Laura C


Talk to the woman who is new to the program, what words of encouragement would you give?

What would you tell a woman who has never been to a meeting or is early in recovery.

Check out this episode!

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