Thoughts From The North

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I wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for the success of the 12 hour podcast. What started out a a vague idea turned into a project with real tangeble outcomes. Through your generous contributions, we will be able assist at least 6 clients through the detox process at Dawn Farm’s Spera Program. Anna and I will be taking some much needed rest from the emotional roller coaster of the celebration of Andrew’s 27th birthday. We are retreating to a one bedroom cottage located on a large lake in the norther part of the lower peninsula of Michigan. The plan is to do……,nothing. So, my thoughts in the aftermath of the 12 hour podcast? God has answered all our prayers, he did not prevent Andrew’s death but he has given us the tools to cope, mainly you. You thoughts, concerns, words of encouragement, and donations have given is the ability to carry on, just for today. I don’t know about tomorrow, so I’ll continue to pray and to honor Andrew in everything we do at Tecovered.

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