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They say if you live a balanced life, you will feel calm, grounded, clear-headed, and motivated.

Since I’m none of those things, I guess I have some work to do to become more balanced in my life.

Let’s go to you first Cristie, what was it life, what happened and what is it like today?

What was your life balance like before the program?

What was the balance of your life in early recovery?

What is it like now?

Why do you need a balanced life?

What does a balanced life mean to you today?

  • balancing physical, spiritual, and psychological

  • exercise, prayer, think about relationships (therapy)

  • social time, other focus time, family time, alone time

Everyone’s balance ratio is different, for example some people don’t have family, so family time is not a factor.

  • What areas of your life need the most attention, where do you most likely get out of balance?

There areas in our life that demand more time periodically.

How do you use the program to balance:

  • work and leisure

  • giving and receiving

  • recovery life and family life

There are events in our lives that put everything out of balance.  

My life balance is always changing because my life constantly changes.  Some reasons for change and to redefine balance:

  • relapse

  • loss, or gain, of a driver license

  • relationship break up/divorce

  • death of a loved one

  • dating

  • loss of job

  • marriage

  • children

  • retirement

  • sickness

  • a move

Have you experienced any of these changes and how has the program helped coping and then returning to balance?

  • what steps

  • what prayers

  • what slogans

  • how has a sponsor helped

What would you say to the new guy about balance?

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