Recovered 394 – Podcast Year Reflections 2012

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This episode is a small prelude to the upcoming Episode 395, the Year End Review when I’m joined by Joe, Spencer, Russ or some combination thereof.

Our Recovery Topic will be the year end review, call us at 734-288-7510 and give us your 2012 experiences in recovery. Be Part of the Show.

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  • mark

    mark im hearing you share how hard it been for you this year.about your son and how you had to go back to steps 1 2 3.this is the stuff I need to on 6and 7 for the first long ive heard people in aa say they do 1 2 3 every day I understood now more than I did podcasts comeing .thank you buddy your my friend

  • Recovered

    Dear Mark…Thank you so much for your feedback, it's an honor to be your friend. I think trust is my biggest obstacle right now and since I'm lacking trust, the result is fear. So, I will do what I've done before, act as if. I will make a decision to trust and become willing to trust, and then maybe it will happen.

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