Recovered 616 – Life Changing Events in Recovery

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a life changing moment is an event that changes circumstance in a substantial way.

Life changing moments can happen in an instance.

It could be a positive one resulting from working the steps.

It could be a tragic one that happens suddenly

These events

It can be for the the good

it can be for the bad

we are going to talk all about it.

Before program, tell us about some of your life changing moments some of your defining moments before program

  • religious

  • death of loved one

  • divorce

  • loss of job

  • jail

  • injury

  • dissappointment

  • married

  • new kid

  • new job

  • promotion

  • etc

How did you deal with it before program?

How did this affect your disease?

How did it affect your relationships with others?

How did it affect your future?

How could you have handled it differently?

Now, let’s talk about after program.  What are some of those defining moments afer AA and how the program shaped the course.

After program, what are some of your life changing moments

  • planned

  • unplanned

  • as a result of working program

  • as a result of NOT working a program

  • higher power

  • relationships/sponsor

  • relapse

  • loss of job

  • attendance at conferences

How did you handle it?

What has been the biggest life change in program?

How has the program helped you with changes?

Has the program given you a purpose in life?  Is this a change?

Does working program give you peace? Is this a change?

Today, how do you handle failure?  Is this a change?

We have calls!

Patty From Kansas

Justin from LA


David – Niles


Jim Q

What have you learned about the program and changes in life?

What would you say to the new person about their lives changing?

What other changes do you want to happen?

What changes are you fearful of?

Final Thoughts?

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