Seventh Step Prayer – Recovered 414

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On page 76, the big book gives us a prayer of humility.  A prayer acknowledging that we need help in overcoming our character defects.

Russ.. Please read

Initial thoughts?

This prayer makes it clear that AA is not a self help program, clearly we need God and each other.  Can this program work alone with a book?  

We place ourselves in a position to receive God’s help by making a decision to abandon our old idea that self will will make us happy.  What does surrender to win mean to you?

God should have all of me, the good and the bad.  So, we make available to God our strengths and weaknesses, what does this mean?  

How has God used your weakness for your good?  When I share with someone my weaknesses, it makes us more approachable by the other person.

How has a perceived strength let you down?


How do you access your higher power?

What techniques have worked for you in your spiritual life?

working with others

doing this podcast

praying with my wife

journalling and keeping track of God’s involvement in my life

simple prayers

progression of the same prayer, praying the same prayer of blessing first for self then outward to neutral people to loved ones to not so loved ones then eventually to enermies.

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