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The expression, “Waiting for the other shoe to drop” means,

To await a seemingly inevitable event, especially one that is not desirable.

To anticipate something negative happening as a result of or related to a previous negative event

Let’s hear an example of how someone gets into a situation of waiting for the other shoe to drop.


You thoughts about the clip?

What do you think of the expression

Waiting for the bad, you will miss the good

“Nobody likes to be caught off guard, but many people believe that if we’re not worrying we’re being irresponsible, setting ourselves up for risk, putting ourselves in harm’s way.”

What are your thoughts about feeling irresponsible if you are not worrying about something.  Have you ever found yourself feeling this way?

What do you do to counter these negative feelings?

What steps

What prayers

What slogans

how has your sponsor helpped

How has the fellowship helpped

How has your higher power helpped


Moira from Maine


Alex from Austin



  1. Carve out a time to worry and a time to savor.
  2. Gratitude List
  3. Reflect on your life.
  4. Consider what you want your loved ones to focus on.

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