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Thanks for supporting the Recovered Podcast by using our app.  I just wanted to send a note to our app owners that the 12 Hour Podcast will be help in June this year.  i recently was contacted by an Al-Anon and she wanted to listen to last years show.  This was my response


Thanks a bunch for contacting me.  The 12-hour podcast is indeed a fundraiser in the memory of my late son who died on July 2, 2012.  Andrew took me to my first meeting when he was 6 months clean and 16 years old.  That was 11 years ago this March 17th.  I have been clean ever since and Andrew saved my life. Sadly, tragically, Andrew struggled with his heroin addiction and then finally committed suicide on July 2, 2012 after another relapse. Our hearts are broken and we can never be the same.

In an effort to cope with grief, I came up with the idea to honor something that was important to Andrew.  Dawn Farm, a local recovery center, is a place that Andrew supported by taking their clients to meetings during their stay in detox.  I decided to do a fundraiser event and give the proceeds to Dawn Farm in Andrew’s name.  Our Recovered Podcast community really supported us through the 12 Hour Podcast and we collected enough funds to support 6 people into detox in Andrew’s name.  This is a miracle in our life.  A miracle that something good can come as a result of our tragedy.  We would be honored if you decided to join us.
The 12-hour podcast is part of our back catalog and can only be accessed by our premium subscribers.  The latest 20 episodes of the Recovered Podcast are always free.  But the older episodes are part of our back catalog.  Here is information about Premium Subscription.
Here is a link to the first hour of that twelve hour show.
The best way to access our content is through our free app for your smartphone.  Here is a link for more information
Thanks again for contacting me.

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