Young People in Recovery – Recovered 471

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There are two classes of young people i want to explore tonight
1. The young parent and
2.  The college student

 First of all, Matt, you work with young people in recovery.

Matt, you are part of an organization on the Campus of the University of Michigan.  CRP.

 Tell us about CRP, what does it stand for, what do you do?

What programs and services does CRP provide?

 Tonight, we will discuss some of the unique needs for the young person in recovery?  But let’s begin with our listeners.
 We asked our listeners what they thought the challenges for the young person was so we asked them a question.
 Lets begin our discussion by talking about some of the challenges for the young person in recovery.

  • what about stigma? How does stigma affect the young person, how is it manifested in the young person’s recovery life?
  • How about pressure to use? As a young parent, is there pressure to use from other parents?  
  • Can campus life be a hostile environment for recovery?
  • How does does stress affect your recovery?
  • How does Isolation from off-campus support affect recovery for the student?

 What are barriers to success?

What are positive signs on campus for the student in recovery?
What supports are available?
Where do students go for support?
Where do young parents go for support?
What kind of meeting should a young person look for?
What if these types of meetings are not available?
What about child care, do any of the meeting you attend provide this?
What about time, aren’t students too busy for recovery activities?
How do young parents find time?
Being the youngest in the group, is this a special challenge?
What about dating, what are your suggestions?
How about sponsorship? Any guidelines?
What is the experience with parents when they find out their student is in recovery?
In 2007, 10% of AA is less than 30 years old, do you think this has changed?  Why or why not?
Don’t all young people drink and do drugs, how does someone know they have a problem?
For the young person, what are some red flags which indicate possible addiction?

 Final Thoughts
 Check out this episode!

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