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Moderation Management

Made direct amends to such people

whenever possible, except when to do so would injure

them or others

Tell us your initial reaction when you first read this step?

What was your experience in preparation?

What amends do you think that you already made before you got to this step? 

After you have had your first encounter with making amends,

what happened? 

How did you feel about it? 

How did the other person respond? 

What have you learned from this? 

What would you do differently next time?

After you had done your first several encounters for making

amends (for example, after 5 times of making amends),what were your overall impressions?

Is there anything common with your first? 

Did  anything surprise you? 

Did anything disappoint you? 

How did you feel about the process and how has it affected you?

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Do you want to take some calls/

Zach – Financial

Nathan – amends to myself

Bronte – ARROW BUTTON BELOW – superstar

What amends do you have the most difficulty making? 

What do you need to do to be able to make these amends?

How has making amends affected your relationship with others?

How are you dealing with the feedback from others after making


How are you feeling? 

How are you dealing with the desire to defend yourself?

Write down any other amends that you found that you needed to

make after starting the process of making amends.

How can you celebrate or honor the completion of your making

amends (step 9)?

Have you had any dreams about making amends? If so, describe

them in detail.

Describe any celebrations or activities that you have done to honor

the completion of your making amends.


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