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Making 12 Step Calls – Recovered 396

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Mark, Aaron, and Russ discussed making 12-step calls and doing 12-step work.  Russ opens the show by explaining a 12-step call.  Russ said a 12-step call is when someone who is mired in the disease of alcoholism calls into a hotline and asks for help.  The hotline then will send someone to go out to the one who called and talk to the person who asked for help.  Usually the program is explained and then the object is to go to a meeting.

Aaron said that he never called a hotline for help.  Aaron explained that he Goggled “Alcoholics Anonymous” and found clubs and meeting times.  The internet is now a common place to be 12-stepped.  Aaron knew he needed AA just because of the reputation of AA and how people talked about it.

Mark shared that AA was a possibility for hope because of his son who was the first one in the family who became a member.  6 months after his son entered the fellowship, Mark entered too.  After Mark’s first meeting, he was asked if he would like someone to visit him in his home to explain the program.  Mark’s wife was actually the first in the family to go to an AA meeting through her education as a psychologist   As part of an assignment in her graduate work, she was required to attend an AA meeting.  Mark explained that his first sponsor, Jeff, visited him and 12-stepped him.  Jeff simply told Mark his drinking story all the way up to his first AA meeting.

Russ explained that the object of a 12-step call is to get the person to a meeting.  Aaron explained that the 12-steps were first explained to him at meetings.  When a newcomer is at a meeting, the meeting is now a 12-step call.  The program should be explained and any burning desires by others should be tabled until the next meeting.  Russ said anybody is qualified to make a 12-step call, but they should not go alone.  The reason is because there may be a temptation to drink if you go alone.  Also, the situation could be dangerous so they should not go alone.

Making 12 Step Calls – Recovered 396

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On today’s show, our Recovery Topic is….

12 Step Calls

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Year in Review – Recovered 395

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Mark, Joe, Spencer, and Russ discuss their successes and failures in 2012.  Joe started the show by talking about how his work in the program has paid off this year.  The living amends Joe worked on paid off in his family relations, especially with his father, sister, and nephew.  Joe said that he received so much more than sobriety by working the steps.  The program gave him the tools to change so that his family relationships could grow.

Spencer talked about the power of steps 6 and 7.  He had worked these steps previously, but this time he really explored some fear areas of his life and he was more ready to accept them as part of his life.  By working these steps, he received relief.  As soon as he was ready, the grip on him started to be removed and he got relief.  Spencer understands that he is being relieved of these fears, they are not gone, but lessened.  There is work to be done and habits have been formed around these fears and he is working on it.  It is a relief for Spencer to talk about these fears.

Russ shared about his ability to be a citizen of the world.  Russ is more aware of his gratitude for opportunities because of his sobriety.  There have been ups and downs but he is more aware of the necessity to be open minded.  He has discovered the gifts of the program but is also aware there is more work to be done.  Just like if he was to receive a new car as a gift, he still would have to change the oil and do a maintenance program to take care of the gift.  Russ shared that growth implies change and sometimes change can be painful.

Mark shared that his so grateful to be able to go through the difficult moments sober, like the death of his son.  He is grateful for the program and the fellowship so that he can feel the feelings and not have to take a drink to cope.  Mark shared that he has more awareness of his need for his higher power.  Mark is also more aware his profound love for the people around him.  These are both gifts of the program.

Year In Review – Recovered 395

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Our Recovery Topic is the year end review

we look over our shoulder at the past year and share some of our success and share some of our failures.

Video Clips include:

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Recovered 394 – Podcast Year Reflections 2012

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This episode is a small prelude to the upcoming Episode 395, the Year End Review when I’m joined by Joe, Spencer, Russ or some combination thereof.

Our Recovery Topic will be the year end review, call us at 734-288-7510 and give us your 2012 experiences in recovery. Be Part of the Show.

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Merry Christmas From Recovered

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Merry Christmas and congratulations on your new mobile device gift.  If you are in recovery, or at least thinking about it, please consider listening to our podcast.  We can support you on your way!

Recovered 393 Show Notes – Relationships

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Tonight, Mark, Joe, Aaron, and Russ gather and discuss relationships.  We discussed how to determine if relationships are healthy, toxic, and how to disengage if they are toxic  .Joe began the show by reflecting on how relationships can be helpful in recovery.  By being in the fellowship, Joe learned how to have fun.  He thought that when he first came into the program, his life with fun in it was over.  Being able to talk and relate with others have helped him in recovery.  Healthy relationships have taught Joe how to live.

Aaron shared that relationships have improved since he came into the program.  He now hangs around with crazy AA people he now calls friends.  Friendships outside the fellowship have improved and increases.  Mark shared that friends inside AA have helped him by challenging him.  When Russ first came around, he had no idea what a healthy relationship was.  At first, Russ made a few very good and close friends; all his drinking buddies fell away right away.  Aaron shared that when he first came in, his old friends still wanted to hang out.  Aaron said he had to separate himself from these toxic relations which was very difficult.  Russ said that he first began healthy relationships at meetings.  Russ old idea of having fun with friends turned out be very dangerous for him.  Early in the program, Russ began to share what he thought was feelings with other men for the first time.  At first, the only feeling he was aware of was anger.  Russ’ social life began by attending sober parties, playing cards, and he even learned how to play backgammon.  Mark could relate with only allowing anger to be felt as a feeling, but the program taught him that anger was a mask covering deeper feelings.

Russ shared that when he becomes obsessive with someone, this is a red flag indicating a toxic relationship.  When someone demands all his time, this is a toxic indicator.  Russ said that he makes mistakes all the time when it comes to being able to detect toxicity in a relationship.  With time, he discovered that he had a 6th sense when it comes to bad relationships; now he pays attention when these feeling bubble up.

Aaron said that when he looses a sense of self in the relationship, this is bad for him.  Also, when a relationship becomes a deterrent to the fellowship, this is a warning sign for him.  Russ and Aaron both indicated that a toxic relationship is determined by how they react to a person, not necessarily how the other person acts.  Joe shared that figuring out people is very difficult for him.  Joe said that when he first same into the fellowship, he thought that his relationship with his father was toxic.  But after some time in the program, Joe has a healthier relationship with his father.  The program helped Joe work through some issues around his father which allowed him to be more loving, patient and tolerant with his father, which has been positive with his relationship with his dad.

Recovered 393 – Relationships

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Our Recovery Topic is Relationships, family, friends, and lovers

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Recovered 392 Show Notes – Willpower

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Mark, Joe and Russ discuss the Recovery Topic of Willpower. Joe shared that before he came into the program, he was in college taking a degree in philosophy. He studied both Teddy Roosevelt and Niche and their thoughts on Willpower. Joe also shared that in his up bringing, willpower was something expected of men.

 Russ shared that as a man in the sales profession, he attended many professional seminars which insisted on the positive aspects of willpower in the professional life. Many of these things being taught was counter to what he was taught in the program. Russ shared that since willpower didn’t work on his drinking problem, it was a great source of shame.

 Joe shared that his friends would put some social pressure on him to control himself by just having a couple of drinks when they went out. Joe said that he learned to leave events early and drink heavily after. Joe shared that as his disease progressed he could now see his powerlessness. He can remember drinking even when he didn’t want to drink. When Joe first came into the program he could recognize that he was unmanageable, but powerlessness was something that he had to work on to recognize it in his life.

Russ shared from the chapter in the Big Book, There is a Solution. The book tells us that when it comes to the first drink, we are powerless. But then we switched our view from the negative aspect to the positive aspect of willpower. Self-will is usually a negative when it comes to the program, but Russ shared that our problems are usually a result of misused willpower. Russ shared that his Higher Power is the source of power against the first drink. Russ shared that using willpower in the program is a positive use of willpower to do the things he may not want to do. Joe shared that willingness is critical in a program of recovery. Using willpower allows us to be willing to try something different. Working a program requires a willingness to do things we may not want to do and this is a positive use of willpower.

Russ shared from the 12 and 12 that the literature says we need all the willpower we have to do a 5th step. Mark shared that step 3 of the 12 and 12 says we need our will to conform with God’s will. This is the proper use of willpower according to the literature.

Recovered 392 – Willpower

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Our Recovery Topic is Willpower

Video Clips include:

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