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The Big Book

The 12 and 12

24 Hours a Day

As a self-centered person,

I only see myself as the centre of everything

At my worst,

I do not consider what my actions would mean to others.

The big book says that

being self-centered is  

in direct conflict with our new way of living in recovery.

Let’s start with self-centeredness Chrissy

What does being self-centered mean to you?

How has recovery helped?

How does self-centeredness manifest itself today?

What part of the program do you use to combat this?

When I’m acting selfish

I want to receive more than give.

When I’m really sick,

I will give only if I think

that the return will be larger than my giving

But the book says…

Selfishness! That, we think, is the root of our troubles.

The Book also says…

Above everything, we alcoholics must be rid of this selfishness. We must, or it kills us!

So this is about as important of a subject as it gets.

What is selfishness to you and how does it differ from being self-centered?

What part of the program helps to defeat this selfishness?

Has the program made you less selfish than before?  How?

What does “This is a selfish program” mean to you.

How do you know when you have gone from self care to selfishness?

How do you do self care?

How do you know when self care has moved into being selfish?



Who would you rather be around,

Self-centered Mark or

Selfish Mark


If this character defect is so dangerous, would you point it out in someone else if you spot it?

How would you do that?

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